The Samsung Chromebook Pro is a Chromebook that is highly anticipated. When renders of it first surfaced us Ausdroiders were all drooling from its design and its innovation. Every few days ChromeUnboxed sleuth out a new little tidbit of information to keep us hungry.

We have seen many Antutu benchmarks of various Chromebooks and most are fairly unimpressive. The Samsung Chromebook Pro is powered by the Rockchip RK3399 whose performance is fairly unknown up until now. We do know that it is capable of 4K/60fps output so it sounds impressive. Now there is a video on YouTube that a startup company recorded of them benchmarking the processor that is inside the Chrombook Pro.

The Antutu score the RK3399 reaches is 75000 which is more than twice the current Rockchip processor inside the Asus Flip and C201. Using the relative scores and how these translate across to Octane ChromeUnboxed have extrapolated this Antutu score to be approximately 14000-15000 on Octane which is impressive.

Now that we’ve whet your whistle yet again for some Samsung Chromebook Pro are you interested still? I do wonder if Samsung will ever release this device and put us out of our misery. CES maybe? We will have Dan onsite to check it out in person if they do.

Source: Chromeunboxed.
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I want one to replace my aging Note Pro 12.2.

I love the large screen and the battery life and this seems like the upgrade I’ve been waiting for.


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