With Google recently moving billing for Google drive storage into the Google Play system, they are now starting to offer annual discounts on their 100GB and 1TB plans, their lowest two tiers and the less likely to be used by corporate account one would expect.

For those who choose to pay annually, the 100GB plan will now cost $24.99/ year, down from $29.88, a whole $4.89 or 16% saving. For users using the 1TB plan the annual plan is now $124.99/year down from 149.88 a $24.89 per year or 17% saving. If you’re already paying for either of these Google Drive plans, especially the 1TB plan, then perhaps it may be worth your while paying per annum?

If you’re not a customer and you’ve been looking for some more cloud storage the Google drive option is cheaper than Dropbox which starts at $167.88/ annum (billed monthly) for a 1TB plan and Box costs an unbelievable $121/ annum (billed monthly) for only 100 GB of storage. At those prices, Google Drive still seems to be the most reasonably priced ‘big player’ in the cloud storage game.

Update: 22/12/17 12:15 As Ken has mentioned in the comments you can get Microsoft Office 365 + 1TB of OneDrive storage for only $108/ year (billed monthly), With Microsofts great integration with Android this is also a very worthy competitor and you’ll get 1 licence of Microsoft Office 365 included!

If you’re interested head on over to Google Drive and sign up.

Source: Google.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Darren Ferguson

Still can’t see this option in Google Drive. Also can’t use my credit to pay for it like suggested 🙁

Clark Broel

I’m confused…..When I go to Drive and look at prices through the app, 1TB is 9.99 a month/99.99 a year and 100GB is 1.99 a month (which is what I have). Why are your quotes so different?


Australian dollar perhaps? We publish our figures in our local currency, we need a World currency for the World Market!

Ken Hoban

Office 365 home is $99 a year with 1 TB of one drive storage as well as all the office programs and 60 mins of Skype calls. Most of my online use/services lie with google but the integration and apps make it fairly bareable.


I tried to use it, but ran into issues wit path/filename length so I was unable to sync my data. Don’y suppose MS has fixed that.


i use onedrive for work related stuff and have not run into the filename length issue — not saying it doesnt exist but havent seen it. Reason i use onedrive is 300GB free. Telstra and samsung 😀

Google are still dreaming at these prices. I’d prefer m$ over them easy. Office kills google docs. and onedrive allows sharing

Ken Hoban

I haven’t had any issues with this either of late. a couple years ago i had a nightmare with some of that but it seems to have sorted itself/MS fixed it.


Great suggestion Ken, I completely forgot to look at Office/ One drive and it’s my primary backup at home!

You also get “Free” office 365 with that!

Ken Hoban

I use it as it was cheaper to get the ‘home’ solution with 5 PC installs rather than buying individual office licences. the storage has saved my bacon a few times and the integration into other things is great – something i feel google has somewhat forgotten.


I’ve updated the Post mate, that needed including. Thanks!

Ken Hoban

Happy to help mate.