Christmas is over for another year and in Australia, that means the post-Christmas sales on Boxing day. Sony has some decent deals available on their online store — as well as at their kiosks if you’re near one, so what’s on deck?

There’s phones, speakers, headphones and even TVs if you’re after one of those. The phone end of the range has some decentish pricing for the three handsets they have on-sale, though obviously if you shop around you could probably do a little better from a grey importer:

  • Xperia XA (Graphite Black) – $299
  • Xperia X (White/Black) – $599
  • Xperia X Performance (White/Black) – $799

The Xperia X and Xperia X Performance come with a bonus pair of MDRNC31W headphones, they’re in-ear earphones that include noise cancelling – not a bad deal.

But, if you’re not after a phone and still want a deal their SRSX11 mini portable wireless speaker with bluetooth in Red, White, Pink and Blue is on-sale for $49 (half the usual $99 price tag), or if you’re after something a little larger the h.ear go Bluetooth Wireless Speaker in Pink, Blue, Red or Black is going for $199 (down from $349).

Likewise the TV’s are looking pretty good with a 55″ X7000D 4K HDR TV selling for $1099, or the slightly higher end model the 55″ X8500D 4K HDR TV going for $1499.

There is a little bit of delivery on top of the price if you don’t live near a Sony Kiosk, so factor that into any shopping you’re wanting to do Head over to the Sony Boxing Day Sales website and check out their deals.

Source: Sony.
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    Some phones were cheaper in the 12-day sale…the X Performance was $699 during that event. The Xperia X was the same, the XA was $229.

    Another proof that more and more boxing day sales are now based on hype rather than actual substantive discounts…




    Yes, similar nick there, but with “292” at the end instead of 286.

    That said, I got intimation of those deals through Sony emails directly…I happen to be a Sony X member too. Sony Xers got further discounts, but even normal online accounts that anybody can sign up to got the prices I mentioned.