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The LG G5 didn’t win the war, nor even the battle with consumers this year with reportedly low sales of the phone. LG is looking to step it up this year bringing the replacement to market earlier, and if leaked diagrams are legit, a familiar design.

The modular concept of the G5 won’t be returning on the G6 if previous reports are to be believed, but the design will remain very similar according to a diagram leaked by Shai Mizrachi, a leaker with a good track record on Samsung and LG releases in the past.

The diagram leaked shows the same rear setup for camera which if it remains true to the G5 camera setup will feature a wide dual-camera sensor, and the rear fingerprint sensor remains as well.

Whether LG will retain a removable battery as they did with the V20 isn’t clear but after the debacle with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, other manufacturers are surely taking that into account.

So, when will we see the G6? Well, it appears that LG is bringing the launch and release of the phone forward with a report from Korea talking about an announcement either at, or just after Mobile World Congress at the end of February or beginning of March.

The report goes on further to say that LG will begin manufacturing, or at least gathering components in January hoping to get the phone out ahead of the Samsung Galaxy S8 which has apparently been delayed.

The LG G6 is a key part of LG’s phone strategy for 2017, so getting it right and getting it into the hands of consumers in a timely manner is hugely important – as it is for any manufacturer. We liked the gumption of LG in bringing their ‘Friends’ range to the market this year, but ultimately it didn’t turn out that well, here’s hoping the G6 is the one that takes off.

Source: Android Authorityetnews.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Let’s hope they don’t bring their boot loop issues through to the G6 too