If you’re a user of well known cross platform todo service, Todoist you’ll know that some of the better features only come with Premium. Well, Good news because you can get a year of premium Todoist as part of the new Humble ‘Game Dev Software’ Bundle which launched this week.

The Humble ‘Game Dev Software’ Bundle includes a bunch of game developer tools – most of which I, and probably you, will never use, but in the mid-tier is a year of Todoist Premium. To get the year of Todoist premium you’ll have to beat the average of $6.76USD (about $9.40AUD), a big discount from the usual price of $44.99.

The premium tier of Todoist allows you to do a number of things above and beyond the free tier including adding Task Labels & Reminders, adding files and comments to tasks, automatic backup and more.

Once you’ve purchased your Humble Bundle, which you can do using Credit Card, PayPal or Amazon payments, you’ll receive a redemption code which you can then claim over on the Todoist website.

We’re pretty big fans of Todoist, with the service powering our day-to-day operations here at Ausdroid. If you haven’t already, check out their Android App and see what you think.

Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks
Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Source: Humble Bundle.