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Are you bored this pre-New Year, post-Christmas week? Then head over to Google Play and spend 2c to grab two games, Lost Journey and Armpit Hero: VIP, from Google Play.

The games have been marked down in Google Play to just 1c each, making them a verifiable bargain given their usual price of $0.99USD each.

The games are markedly different, with Lost Journey looking like a high quality, mind bending adventure game full of puzzles and loads of things such as the ability to Reverse Gravity, Bend Time and Manipulate Space to keep your mind active working out how to get through the levels. The graphics look great as well, and the soundtrack is relaxing enough if you’re looking for something to soothe your mind while you play. You can check the trailer out here:

Armpit Hero: VIP, well, your guess is as good as mine as to what the game is but judging from the trailer below it’s some sort of side-scrolling action adventure game.

There is one constant in both titles, with a number of in-app purchases available in both Lost Journey whose in-app purchases are valued between $1.46 – $14.65 per item, and Armpit Hero: VIP whose IAP is valued between $2.59 – $124.99 per item

At just 2c these are a good way to use that Google Opinion Rewards money you’ve been saving up. Head over to Google Play and check them out.

Devil Twins: VIP
Devil Twins: VIP
Developer: SUPER CANDY
Price: Free

Lost Journey (Dreamsky)
Lost Journey (Dreamsky)
Developer: DreamSky
Price: $0.99+

Source: Armpit Hero:VIPLost Journey.
Via: Android Police.
Thanks: Shane.
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    Jarrad Minchin

    Lost journey is showing up as 10c on mine