Nexus 6

Owners of one of the largest Nexus phones ever released, the Nexus 6, are still waiting for the Android 7.1.1 update which began rolling out to supported Nexus and Pixel devices earlier this month. Google has finally advised that Nexus 6 owners will start seeing the update next month.

In response to a query from Android Police, Google advised:

Unfortunately, we found a last minute bug that was specific to the Nexus 6, which has caused the delay of the 7.1.1 OTA rollout. We’ve since fixed the issue and will be rolling out an update in early January.

This is the last platform update for the Nexus 6, with Google advising they would end support this year, though security updates will continue for a while longer. At 2 years old, the Nexus 6 is getting long in the tooth by hardware standards. With this the last platform update Nexus 6 owners are hoping that this release will be a bug-free stable release they can happily stay with for a while.

With an early January release promised and a January security patch release looming, it’s likely it will be bundled up in one rollout. If you’re a Nexus 6 owner, stay tuned.

Via: Android Police.
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    Woo. I thought I wasn’t gonna see this update but I’m already saving for a Pixel XL as my N6 is starting to become extremely unbearable to use.


    [DELETE] Commented before I read the whole article. Sorry.

    Ben Walker

    Great phone will last me until pixel 2 comes out


    Me too.. Im hearing to many bad things about the current pixel. Plus big bezels and bottom speakers :-/


    Had one since early November. Those two things you mentioned don’t even bother me anymore. Before i bought the phone, i thought they were deal breakers. Nope, device is near flawless.


    same here


    Cool cool.