With Samsung’s purchase of the Viv Artificial Intelligence, it’s been rumored that they Korean tech giant would be releasing their own Assistant-like AI in a future line of devices. According to recent rumours that line of devices will be the Samsung Galaxy S8 (assuming that’s the name they go with).

The new software strategy will apparently extend beyond the integration of Samsung’s new Bixby AI (Viv’s apparent new name), Samsung will be updating their entire software line to provide a consistent look and feel along with the AI integration. This is something often promised and I’d say never delivered upon as yet, so if Samsung has really achieved this, even partially it would be a massive leap forward.

The underlying promise of Viv could deliver a very competitive AI, however, as is the way with these things it’s all about partnerships and 3rd party integrations. Launching with just Samsung compatible hardware and services may not be enough, even with Samsung’s massive offerings.

With many people talking about massive reputation damage caused by the Note 7 issues, something that at this stage can’t be validated, Samsung will need to make sure the have a hit on their hands come their next major release.

Source: 9to5Google.