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Christmas is behind us, and that means for the tech world (and those who live in it) it’s time to get excited about what’s to come in early 2017. January and February give us our two biggest events of the tech calendar, in the form of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Mobile World Congress (MWC), and with those coming, its rumour time.

Today, thanks to OnLeaks and Gear India, we have renders of the upcoming LG G6, purportedly from leaked CAD data, and it shows a familiar form with some notable differences to 2016’s LG G5.

Gone are any signs of the cursed Friends modular concept, and in their place, we have more traditional slab-type phone with everything largely where it was last year; volume buttons, a rear-facing fingerprint sensor / power button, dual cameras and flash, bottom firing speakers, USB-C port and headphone jack up top. The back looks glossy, but that could just be the option taken by the renderer; are we likely to see a reprise of the G5’s premium plastic back which actually felt quite nice?

According to Gear India, the LG G6 will feature a 5.3-inch Quad HD display and Snapdragon 835 chipset, while the rest remains open to speculation; nothing’s confirmed until the announcement, basically. Size-wise, the LG G6 is reported to be 148.8 x 72.3 x 8.3-8.0mm.

Take a look at the animated renders below:

The likelihood is we’ll see the LG G6 launched in Barcelona come Mobile World Congress time, but anything’s possible. With rumours Samsung might delay, and rumours that other brands might go early to get the jump on MWC, we really just don’t know timing at this stage.

Source: OnLeaksGear India.
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reaktor TuT

I have the LG V20 and I really think LG hit the mark with this one. It still has a removable 3200mAh battery, SD expansion, IR Blaster and all the goodies the other flagships should have. Audio quality is amazing, a real multimedia powerhouse. If the G6 is along the same lines you should all be very happy.


I love my G4 and generally skip a year, so my next upgrade will be the G6. Going by the renders it doesn’t look like it has a removable back for the battery. I’m just hoping they include Qi charging, fast or not. I hate having to plug a phone in to charge, so old school.


I also hate plugging in my TV to get it working. And how I need a cable to plug my electric guitar to my amp. I wish all our electronics could just run on Keanu Reeves’ immortality.


What a stupid comment.
Technology has made improvements without the need to plug a cable to recharge the phone. LG has also been developing fast charge for Qi.


I was making light fun of your “old school” comments since 90% of electronics that use batteries still use a cord to charge. But yeah, i get it. Have an upvote.


I stuck a Qi sticker inside my G4. Works a treat. If thats all I have to do to get it working then I’m fine with it not being stock.


I’d like to know what the Ausdroid team thinks about the whole bootloop thing with multiple flagship LG devices and about the hardware reliability of LG in general. It seems to be a rather major widespread issue based on comments everywhere you look about LG (mostly the G4). My brother also just got hit by the bootloop with his nexus 5 and I had the G2 that got the phantom touch issue.

These are putting me off buying LG again but they always have very nice devices so its tempting…

Daniel Tyson

I owned the G2, G3 and the Nexus 5 and now the Nexus 5X, never had an issue. That said I know of some people who had the issue on the G4 and have been watching /r/nexus5x explode over it on reddit.

It’s interesting, but I can’t say I’ve been affected by it myself or seen masses of people outside the sub-reddits really having issues. Personally my good experiences on the G2/G3 would actually prompt me to buy an LG again (that is if this Pixel XL ever goes wrong).


Can’t say I ever had the issue on the G4, and I used it as a daily phone for almost twelve months. G5 I used as a daily phone for probably six to eight months, and no issues there, either. Nexus 5X was a heap of festering crap to begin with, so it lasted no more than a week before I gave it away.

Major Sceptic

Hopefully the G6 will be better put
together than the G5 was/is .
Saying that as a G5 owner , the G5 actually had a lot going for it , but average build quality and design really destroyed any chance the device had of being something special .
Hope the G6 hits the mark this time.
My other hope is they put a decent size battery in this one..

Peter Kokodakis

“The likelihood is we’ll see the LG G5 launched in Barcelona”
This should be G6 I guess.


Yeah it should. Our editor needs help.


“some notable differences to 2016’s LG G6.” Should that read “G5”?


our editor needs to be fired.


Are you not the editor…
Here’s an other. “Size-wise, the LG G5… ”

I don’t really care, I know what you meant to say. Lucky I did not write this article as I’m the type-o king . 😉