One of the things that made the Samsung Galaxy Note range what it as, besides the larger screen which became rather popular, was the iconic S-Pen. With the apparent demise of the Note line, Samsung enthusiasts were left without an S-Pen option for their pockets, but it seems that might not be the case for long.

According to a report on Weibo (via 9to5Google), Samsung will be offering the S-Pen as an accessory for the Galaxy S8, though it likely won’t be in the box with the phone, nor will there be an S-Pen storage area within the phone. Despite these two obstacles, the S-Pen will be a welcome return for many Samsung users.

It’s really a smart move for Samsung, given there’s not likely to be a new Note device for a while; giving Galaxy S8 users the S-Pen is likely to calm some of upset that the exploding Note 7s caused. If there’s going to be a larger Galaxy S8 Plus, and odds are there will be, then an S-Pen will make it into a quasi-Note replacement.

Pricing, and even the inclusion itself, have yet to be confirmed by anyone, but it does seem somewhat likely to eventuate. Expect the S-Pen to be around $29 when/if released as a Galaxy S8 accessory.

Will we see the Samsung Galaxy S8 teased at Mobile World Congress 2017? It seems not, with rumours the company will go late to buy a bit more time to develop the product. We’ll know soon enough.

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Maybe they should have one “vanilla” S8, and just make the S8 Edge the Note Device…and maybe call it S8 Pro or something. And of course it better have a silo to stow the S-pen in it, I’m not going to spend an extra $150 to have a stylus dangling by a lanyard from the phone (or stow it in a case and make an already large package even larger)

Ghost TOG

I agree. If there’s no storage slot in the S8 then it’s not much use. Now if the new Tab S3 had S-pen capability I’d be way more interested. It’s the S-pen that stops me gping for the Pixel XL.

Dennis Bareis

If the phone doesn’t store the stylus then its a stupid idea. I’m interested in the Note 8 if it comes out but not a S8 without a stylus or slot for it.

Dennis Bareis

I don’t know what a digitizer adds to the cost but if they were planning a new note with a different stylus (from the Note 7) then they have a lot of styluses lying around unexploded. Sounds like they are adding them to chromebooks also.