With the launch of Android 7.1 Google introduced App Shortcuts., a system that deep links into an app and gives you direct access into different parts of the app. Another thing it does that we never really twigged on is allow you to set one of those app actions as a shortcut itself.

Take Hangouts for example (you know Google’s multi-device, multi-platform messaging solution #Allofail) if you long press on the app icon on an Android 7.1 and above device you’re given the option for Chat, Video Call or Voice call. You can actually click and hold on one (or all) of these options and drag them to your home screen. You can do this with any app that has Android App Shortcuts enabled, e.g. Maps, Play Store you get the point.

If you’re using a custom launcher such as Nova Launcher you can even take it one step further and assign the original app icon to the new shortcuts as well as assign a swipe up gesture to launch the full app. I’ve actually posted on Nova Launcher forums a suggestion for the opposite to be implemented where an App Shortcut could be assigned to the gesture but I’ll take this as a close, and immediately available, second.

Which apps will you be changing the default behavior for and why? Let us know your ideas below.

Source: AndroidPolice.