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In the game of rumours, Samsung certainly generates an awful lot of them, and there’s another two coming out, just days after the inclusion of S-Pen compatibility, and after an earlier rumour about the demise of the physical home button. This time around, it’s the capacitive keys that are rumoured to go as well, and a bit of me-too-ism with Samsung reported to have wireless earbuds in the works, like Apple’s AirPods.

First the capacitive keys. Some Samsung users love them, others hate them, but one thing’s for sure, they’re not as customisable as the on-screen navigation keys we’ve come to expect from virtually every other Android phone. Well, it seems Samsung might finally have given up on all of its physical keys, losing the capacitive keys and the physical home button, moving to a fully on-screen experience.

This could really reduce the size of Samsung’s bottom bezel, leaving either (a) more room for screen, or (b) an overall smaller phone, which might be welcome given the Galaxy S7 Edge’s enormous length.

The second rumour relates to audio. We’ve already heard that Samsung might be dropping the earphone jack on its next flagship, and now it seems we know why, with the rumoured release of a pair of truly wireless earbuds. This isn’t new for Samsung, with their Gear IconX already on the market, but these new earbuds would probably be much more like Apple’s AirPods; focused on audio and battery life, and leaving the fitness functions for the phone or other hardware.

We don’t know much more at this stage, such as whether they’d be in the box with the new Galaxy S8 or sold separately, pricing, availability etc or even confirmation of the product at all. However, with CES just days away, MWC just under two months away, and a possibly-delayed Samsung event in April, I suspect we’ll know soon enough.


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jOn Garrett

How are Samsung’s ear buds a “me too” device when Samsung’s ear buds were ON SALE BEFORE Apple even ANNOUNCED theirs?

AND Samsung’s ear buds are more capable than Apple’s?


We’re not talking about their IconX buds. These will be direct AirPod competitors.


Losing the physical and capacitive buttons is a step in the right direction, although they’d have to do a heck of a lot more to entice me to buy a Samsung phone. I’ll stick to the Pixel.


I’ve never had a problem with Samsung’s buttons, I wish they would put FM radio back on their high end devices too!

I do hope this means an even bigger screen since there’s no more buttons on the bottom!

I hope the Note 8 comes out sooner too.

Dennis Bareis

The buttons were a large part of the reason I haven’t already bought a Samsung Note. I’m looking forward to checking out a Note 8.

Andrew Smith

The buttons were a large part of the reason i kept buying Samsung phones i really cant stand the on screen buttons. I too am looking forward to seeing the note 8 and whether me holding out on purchasing a different brand is justified

Dennis Bareis

I’d say mine is the more popular view, it will be interesting to see the sales numbers if it happens.

Mikhail Cass

Considering how many Samsung phones are sold each year I don’t think your statement is correct.
But I agree with @disqus_GqMX9rq3gk:disqus , Physical buttons are harder to hit by accident when passing someone your phone to show them something.
Physical buttons don’t move so it’s easier for older people to get familiar with them.
Also, physical buttons can be used underwater 😀


I find the opposite with physical buttons. When ever I use my Samsung tabs s2 with my kids they always hit the physical buttons when I pass them the device but when we use the LG tablet with on screen button we never have that problem

Mikhail Cass

They press the Power, volume and home button?
Those don’t do to much.
Or are you talking about the back and multitasking buttons? Those are capacitive.


They mostly hit the home button when watching TV shows. They are 2 years old

Major Sceptic

I don’t mind Sammy’s buttons, much better than on screen imo ,
I might add between my 6P/G5/ and note4 , the note 4 buttons on the whole device just have a realy nice feel to them , even the screen sensitivity on my old note 4 just feels a peg above the others.
The note series really was a step above the rest imo. …… Pity Sammy buggered up the note 7 .
Oh well sometimes ..It just happens.