Lenovo’s Moto X will be making a return in 2017 with a new 360-degree render of the phone, based on CAD specs showing up.

The render of the phone has been sourced from internet leaker @onleaks who has previously leaked renders of devices based on factory CAD specs from case manufacturers, which this again seems to be. The phone is apparently the Moto X (2017), but Android Authority who Steve Hemmerstoffer, the man behind OnLeaks, has partnered up with for this leak, haven’t been able to confirm the name just yet.

The 360-degree render shows a fairly familiar Moto design, with dimensions of 150×73.8×8.4 mm although that camera bump on the rear fattens it up to 9.5mm. Lenovo will reportedly be putting a 5.2″ display in the body, which should be quite a comfortable fit. The render also either doesn’t take into account the Moto dimple on the rear, or it’s not a factor in the specs used to create the render.

Surprisingly the new Moto X (2017) will apparently have a microUSB port instead of the USB-C port that the Moto Z was launched with earlier this year. The phone will also retain a headphone jack unlike the Moto Z.

Details on when we’ll see the phone aren’t clear, but if Lenovo is sharing specs to case manufacturers at this stage then it shouldn’t be too much longer till we see something announced.

Source: Android Authority.
Via: @onleaks.
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    David A Kapp

    I’ll just stick with my Moto x pure until I feel like getting a Moto z. The X line just seems like an afterthought to Lenovo.

    john smith

    That camera bump looks amazing in my opinion

    Lee Hall

    I’d prefer no bump, but I think it looks fine

    john smith

    If there wasn’t a camera bump, the MOTOs would look a bit more like everyone else


    Yeah you’re right it’s almost a styling differentiation to have a bump. Have / not have and then what size, shape material, colour, etc. will it be. I’d probably rather not have one either but I can hardly call this ugly.

    Pablo Sanchez

    Will it be released with Android 6.0.1?
    Afterall, the Moto X Pure Edition 2015 is still on 6.0.

    Dennis Bareis

    I won’t be buying this phone as its too small.

    I’d never even consider a camera bump as an issue, it would be nice to have a list of trivial requirements that a phone needs to meet, it must make buying a new device so much easier.