The downfall of Cyanogen, by far the most popular Android custom ROM, has been (at least for those involved with the company) all too public, but for those of us that use the OS on devices the good news is that Lineage OS will continue much of the work that the team put in under the new banner.

Part of a company’s footprint is their branding, Cyanogen was well recognised and the Lineage OS website now a shiny new logo on it. This is a big step for them beginning to establish a market footprint and will hopefully mean the work of Cyanogen can continue without delay.

As a Cyanogen user, I’m keen to check out Lineage – Will you be doing the same?

Source: Lineage OS.
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    A bit late to comment I’m afraid but just wanted to say that perhaps finally we’ll have an opportunity to discuss ROMs and developments under this particular fork of android without having to deal with the baggage of McMaster’s poorly considered remarks a few years back or the bundling of various apps in the commercial CyanogenOS releases. I’ve been a big fan of CM for some years (it was one of the reasons I bought a 1+1 when it was released although I soon changed it from CyanogenOS to CyanogenMod) and a phone would have to be offering something particularly… Read more »