Despite the rumoured delay of the next Samsung Flagship phone, that hasn’t stopped the rumours about the device from flying around thick and fast. The latest rumour suggests that Samsung may be building in a Windows Continuum style desktop/ windowed interface for the device.

With Android now supporting resizable windows for apps, the Mobile OS is now ready for a native desktop style windowed interface, and apparently, Samsung will be taking advantage of this if a leaked slide is to be believed. So grab a grain of salt and have a look.

The slide depicts an Android device connected to an “extended workspace” that enables multitasking, an external monitor and a keyboard and mouse interface. It seems the video display would require a physical connection but the keyboard and mouse could be wireless/ Bluetooth. The desktop environment shows a typical taskbar with pinned apps and menu icons down the bottom along with a few free floating (assumable resizable) windows around the page).

I have to admit I’m intrigued by the idea of being able to dock my phone and have it become a mini desktop style device. the options here get very interesting, Asus tried to do a dockable phone/ tablet device previously, imagine a laptop shell that added a screen, keyboard, trackpad, increased battery, more ports and perhaps some storage. Simply plug in your phone and you’ve got a laptop with all of your phone apps and content.

I’d seriously consider such a device, especially if it worked wirelessly as a second display, although you would chew through the phone battery like that and latency could be an issue. The more likely accessory would be a desktop dock that plugged in your monitor, and preferably mouse and keyboard, I don’t want them connected when I’m not docked. With USB C providing both fast charging and a high data bandwidth one cable could charge and sync everything you need with room to spare for more data overhead.

For many users this may be an extra feature they may not need nor want but then they would never see it. For others, this could seriously be the answer to the multiple device phone/ tablet/ laptop conundrum some people face. One thing is for sure if this comes out users are going to need more data on their mobile plans!

Samsung need a big win with their next top of the line device, and if all of these rumours come true, and they keep the beautiful styling of the Note 7 I may just be selling my Pixel.

Source: Allaboutwindowsphone.
Via: Phandroid.
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Allen Baranov

Very interesting. There are some “hidden” features in Nougat that don’t quite make sense – like windows (small “w”). With a dock, this may just make some sense.

It may be that this is actually Google’s next big plan and Samsung are just first to take advantage.


Hmmm so is it just going to be some sort of variation of Android with a Samsung desktop UI slathered the top? Android apps on a desktop monitor? Maybe some people might like this but I think it’s pretty niche. It could be the start of something useful though provided Android developers can get Android apps in a state that takes advantage of larger displays and mice.

I’m sceptical Samsung can do this right.