Asus is gearing up their hype engine for their CES 2017 Zennovation Press event in Las Vegas, and in keeping with that may have just released their last teaser before tomorrow’s event. The teaser video asks you to “Crack the code” with an upside down V (or is that an open laptop?) made out of Binary numbers.

If you watch the video a code will be revealed.

The blue sections highlight the following binary code 00111000 01000111 01000010 1010010 01000001 01001101. What does it all mean? Well, 8GB RAM. Yep, a teaser for a Zenfone product with 8GB RAM as the punchline.

I have no idea what Asus are doing with 8GB of RAM on a phone, but I’m excited to find out. Tune back in tomorrow and find out!

Source: Asus.