LG has continued their CES 2017 announcements, announcing a new audio lineup which includes three soundbars and party audio systems.

The SJ7, SJ8 and SJ9 are the three sound bars, with the SJ8 and SJ9 introducing a 4K listening experience. If you’re unsure of what 4K sound is, according to LG it’s audio at over 4,000kbps (24bit x 96kHz x2ch) hi-resolution audio data. The SJ9 is Dolby ATMOS compatible and a pair of upfiring speakers which create a 3-dimensional listening space. The SJ8 has the 4K listening experience, but also includes Chromecast support. It’s designed to integrate with the new range of LG 2017 model TVs through use of a kit.

The SJ7 is a 320W two-piece soundbar which offers stereo surround sound, but can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker with a portable mode included.

The last inclusions in the LG 2017 audio lineup are part of the LG LOUDR line of systems with the CJ98, OJ98 and FJ7 the newest entries in the range. The CJ98 is aimed at Karaoke fans and home DJs alike with the ability to generate a massive 3,500W of sound, the system includes looping buttons and unique controls for home DJs, while Karaoke fans get a range of vocal effects and the ability to suppress vocals from any track you choose, as well as change the key.

The OJ98 is an all in one speaker designed for DJs with a number of features designed to kick start any party with lighting functions and sound effects built-in. It’s a big speaker too with a height of 109cm.

Lastly is the FJ7 which comes with a smaller 400W of power, but is designed to be portable with built-in handles and wheels to ensure you can bring it anywhere you go.

LG hasn’t announced pricing or availability for the speaker systems, but we’ll be checking in with LG Australia for the details.

Source: LG.
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    Frankly given how LG has basically abandoned software/firmware updates on Music Flow speakers I’d be pretty wary of buying LG Google Cast anything.


    They abandoned updates? Really? Eek. I nearly went for a music flow sound bar but ended up going with a Sony HT-NT5. It’s been fantastic and has received several updates over the months since purchase. Chromecast support is excellent and works very well.


    Yep, I was looking for a cast-compatible speaker and thankfully avoided the LG Music Flow after hearing they weren’t rolling out updates (including multi-room groups). Got the Sony cast speaker instead, they seem much better on the update side.