Serial leaker Steve from @onleaks has a ripper for us this week…: The HTC U Ultra, the Taiwanese companies upcoming phone which will be announced on January 12th, will be released without a headphone jack.

This follows the bombshell that Apple dropped with the iPhone 7 having no headphone jack and of course in our world, the Moto Z. The removal of the headphone jack has caused a serious stir: Beneficial? Potentially yes, but there’s cases where wireless headphones just aren’t going to work. For some users like myself with regular interstate travel, the absence of the headphone jack will force me to use a tablet or my laptop on flights with my wired headphones.

Whether this turns out to be rumour or fact, Steve does have a strong history of getting these early bits of information correct but we’ll see for ourselves next week.

How would the absence of a headphone jack affect your use of a mobile device?

Source: OnLeaks.
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Dean Rosolen

Sorry HTC. You’re not going to win too many fans by doing something this stupid. I don’t know anyone who was asking for a phone without a 3.5mm jack.


People have been calling for bigger batteries for years now – no manufacturer is brave enough to deliver.

Nobody has been asking for a phone without the headphone port – and suddenly all of them are hopping on the bandwagon.

Let’s face it – the manufactures are mooning the buyers – with price, with specs, with support.


You can actually listen to bluetooth headphones (and other bluetooth devices, like keyboards and mice) while onboard flights 🙂
I noticed it while skimming through the Qantas in-flight magazine last month.

It’s only permitted while cruising though, not during takeoff and landing

Phil Tann

I’ve read the same thing…
But on that same flight, been told by crew to turn wireless gear off.
Their argument fell flat when I asked about the in-flight wifi – but that also didn’t win me any favours