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At its press event at CES 2017, Samsung has already announced a bundle of products, including its Galaxy A 2017 range, smart goods and other things, but it has just announced something that’ll make some of us (and some of you) very, very happy.

That’s right. Samsung has announced the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro, the latest Chromebooks which combine laptop functions with tablet flexibility. Both are designed especially for use with Google Play, to allow users to use all their favourite Android apps, in addition to access to music, books and movies. With a 360º rotating hinge, quad-HD screen, built-in digitiser pen and lightweight metal design, these are two Chromebooks guaranteed to set tongues wagging.

Alanna Cotton, vice president of product marketing at Samsung Electronics America, had this to say at the launch:

“Since launching our first Chromebook over five years ago, we have continued to improve the product, developing a computer that not only fits into consumers’ lifestyles, but makes their lives easier, more mobile and more productive.

With the Chromebook Plus and Pro, we’re partnering with Google to pair a sleek design with supreme flexibility, encouraging users to experience more with Google Play and Android apps, while continuing to provide simplicity, top-rated security and shareability inherent in Chromebooks.”

In a first for Chromebooks, both Samsung’s new devices will come with a built-in pen, which is embedded on the side of the device for secure storage and easy access. The pen takes convenience to another level with tablet-like benefits, such as the ability to effortlessly take notes and capture on-screen content. The pen is ready to use out of the box with pre-installed Google Keep for notetaking and Samsung ArtCanvas for drawing. The newly developed pen has a 0.7mm pen tip and pressure sensitivity for precise screen capturing.

What’s inside?

With a sleek, lightweight design, the Chromebook Plus and Pro is a computer people will be proud to own. The high-quality hardware is slim, designed to fit right into consumers’ bags, so it’s easy to carry wherever the day takes them. Additionally, an integrated full-size keyboard and trackpad allows users to write and play from anywhere.

It’s not just a laptop, or a tablet, though. It’s both, and more. There’s a whole world of experience including apps, games and media, all through the Google Play Store. Delivering a stunning, immersive Quad HD 2400×1600 resolution display made of durable Gorilla Glass 3, with a 3:2 aspect ratio– users can game, work or binge-watch on Samsung’s best Chromebook screen.

Both devices feature two USB-C ports, which offer enhanced connectivity, 4K video streaming, and high quality video output for compatible 4K displays.

Samsung’s new Chromebooks feature 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, with batteries that last up to 8 hours. On top of this is an enhanced battery life extender to lengthen productivity time.


The Samsung Chromebook Plus will feature an ARM processor starting at $US 449 and will be available at major retailers, including Best Buy, in February.

The Chromebook Pro will be powered by an Intel® Core™ m3 processor, designed for fast, responsive performance and will be available in April according to Google.

Both devices will come with the Google Play Store (Beta) pre-installed.

Update: Unfortunately for us in Australia, Samsung has told Ausdroid they have no plans to launch either Chromebook in Australia, so it’ll be importing for anyone who wants one.

For spec nerds, we’ve got the full details below:


Model CodeXE513C24-K01US
Chromebook Plus
Chromebook Pro
Operating SystemGoogle ChromeGoogle Chrome
Processor / ChipsetOP1, Made for Chromebooks. Hexa-core
(Dual A72, Quad A53)
Intel® Core™ M3 Processor 6Y30
(0.90 GHz up to 2.20 GHz, 4 MB L3 Cache)
GraphicInternal GraphicsIntel® HD Graphics 515
Display12.3″ 2400×1600 LED Display (3:2 aspect ratio) with Touch Screen Panel12.3″ 2400×1600 LED Display (3:2 aspect ratio) with Touch Screen Panel
Memory4GB LPDDR3 Memory (on BD 4GB)4GB LPDDR3 Memory (on BD 4GB)
Hard Drive32GB e.MMC32GB e.MMC
ColorPlatinum SilverPlatinum Silver
MultimediaInternal Dual Array Digital MicInternal Dual Array Digital Mic
Stereo Speakers (1.5W x 2)Stereo Speakers (1.5W x 2)
720p HD Camera720p HD Camera
Network802.11 ac (2×2)802.11 ac (2×2)
Bluetooth v4.0Bluetooth v4.0
Ports1 Headphone out/Mic-in Combo1 Headphone out/Mic-in Combo
2 USB-C™ [up to 5Gbps*, 4K display out with optional adapter, Charging]2 USB-C™ [up to 5Gbps*, 4K display out with optional adapter, Charging]
MicroSD Multi-media Card ReaderMicroSD Multi-media Card Reader
Touch screenTouch screen
Island-type keyboardIsland-type keyboard
Power30 W USB-C™ Adapter30 W USB-C™ Adapter
Dimension280.8 x 221.6 x 12.9 ~ 13.9mm
(11.06″ x 8.72″ x 0.51″ ~ 0.55″)
280.8 x 221.6 x 12.9 ~ 13.9mm
(11.06″ x 8.72″ x 0.51″ ~ 0.55″)
Weight1.08Kg (2.38lbs)1.08Kg (2.38lbs)
Software※ Software can be changed without notice.※ Software can be changed without notice.
AirDroid Premium
(free one-year subscription, full version)
AirDroid Premium
(free one-year subscription, full version)
EtcAccelerometer SensorAccelerometer Sensor
Gyro Sensor



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Chris Rowland

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Hi Chris, I have been looking at this outlet and was keen to get on board as I am a Samung user. Do you have a recommendation on the best place to purchase this from an overseas seller should I just go through Amazon? Cheer


i wonder why Samsung continues to be uninterested in selling em in Australia.


Probably the same reason virtually no other Chromebook OEMs sell them here; no sales.


Thats a vicious circle of course. We can’t buy them if they aren’t available. I guess it is curious why they haven’t made inroads here in education. Google Australia just useless?

Ausdroid Reader

Spot on!
I suspect though, with Amazon opening here soon allot of this tech stuff will be more readily available than previously.

Philip Clark
Ausdroid Reader

32GB HD absolutely kills this.

Max Luong
Ausdroid Reader

I was really excited. Then I saw that I had 32GB of storage. I think that it will be close to unusable with that little storage for both ChromeOS and Android apps. ?


True, but a microSD expansion port means you can readily add many, many GBs of storage as needed … though it isn’t clear whether it will be adoptable storage. I suspect it won’t.


Has adoptable storage ever been a thing on ChromeOS?


I don’t think so, but equally, there’s no reason it couldn’t be done. Probably a few why it shouldn’t be, though.

Phill Edwards
Phill Edwards

The specs are almost identical – which is the superior model. Nothing in the naming or the article make this clear.

Also, from what I understand in this article, the keyboard doesn’t detach, is that correct? If so, I don’t think it can be called a “tablet” can it?


Plus has a bigger screen, slightly, otherwise they’re virtually the same.

Keyboard doesn’t detach. It’s a 2-in-1; keyboard can fold behind the screen to be used kind of like a tablet, but yeah, not a true tablet.

Geoff Fieldew
Ausdroid Reader

Reckon I’ll be getting one of these for my wife.

Mike Stevens
Ausdroid Reader

Seeing ‘pro’ attached to devices like this really highlights the fact that context counts.

Pro-level media production on this? Not a chance.


I think it can be considered ‘pro’ compared to other Chromebooks, but yeah, it’s no media production device. At best, it’s a souped-up Chromebook, but still a Chromebook.

Still, I want one. For my travels, this would be PERFECT.

Dan Goodes
Ausdroid Reader

Damnit this device makes me giddy!

Looking forward to full reviews when both models become available, to compare performance – both w.r.t. their Octane score, and in real-world use – of the ARM and Intel chipsets (though I’d assume the m3 would perform better than the Pentium in my current Chromebook, and it performs quite admirably).

Hopefully they do release it Down Under, or at least make it somewhat easier to get our paws on and import than certain other manufacturers.

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