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Alcatel (and its parent company TCL) have made a number of announcements overnight at CES 2017, including a brand-new tablet destined for Australia soon, a European-designed smartband and home monitoring kit.

The Alcatel A3 XL 6-inch phablet, shown above, will be released in Australia in coming months. It features a 6-inch, high-definition display,rear mounted fingerprint sensor and 4G connectivity, all in a package priced at $199 USD. While Australian pricing and precise timing have not been confirmed just yet, expect the pricing to be very sharp, offering great features for a bargain price.

Full specifications are yet to be announced, but as the A3 XL is being touted as a media and gaming friendly device, we’re anticipating reasonably capable specifications to drive the larger screen and the features targeted. With fast fingerprint recognition, superb sound clarity and higher volumes, two cameras and dual-flash, the A3 XL will be available in a range of colours and 3D patterns.

The other announcements include the Moveband Bluetooth Smartband from TCL, and the LIFE Home Monitoring kit.

Moveband BT

The Moveband BT combines technology and fashion, while offering outstanding battery life, a variety of design options from Italy, easily accessible gesture control functions and an appealing price-tag. 

It has a powerful battery that lasts for 30 days on standby mode after one full charge, which itself takes less than two hours, meaning active users can recharge and get going again in less time. Its easy-to-use gesture control function ensures that users can run applications such as playing music or using a camera, simply by turning their wrist.

The Moveband BT Smartband helps users keep track of life activities like message notifications, calls, emails and other alerts. It also monitors activity, fitness and sleep. A stylish look designed in Italy, the Moveband BT Smartband comes with a range of changeable colourful and real leather wristbands and is rated IP67, meaning it is waterproof and dustproof.

The Moveband BT Smartband will be available worldwide from March 2017.

Life Home Monitoring Kit

The Life Home Monitoring Kit, which helps people keep an eye on what matters most – the security of their home and family – in an easy and affordable way.

The LIFE Home Monitoring Kit comes with a full set of stylish yet discreet products, including camera (LIFECAM), door and window sensor (LIFESENSE), and motion detector (LIFEDETECT) that alert users to any intrusion. LIFE also provides a home bridge (LIFECONNECT) that links and controls all these devices.

These tools are all easy to install and can be easily managed via one smartphone app (LIFEAPP), which is available on both iOS and Android, thus delivering a complete yet simple solution to check and control what’s going on at home, from anywhere, anytime.

Like the Moveband BT, the Life Home Monitoring Kit will be available in March 2017.


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Chris Rowland   Managing Editor

Chris Rowland

Chris has been at the forefront of smartphone reporting in Australia since smartphones were a thing, and has used mobile phones since they came with giant lead-acid batteries that were "transportable" and were carried in a shoulder bag.

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Ausdroid Reader

I assume “tablet” is meant to be “phablet”?
Its got capacitive keys? They sure picked the wrong screenshot…

Neerav Bhatt
Ausdroid Team

I have the phablet review unit now. The render is incorrect. Keys are physical only, not onscreen

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