HTC’s ‘One’ branding continues on their mid-range devices with plans in place to release the One X10, a follow up to the phablet sized One X9 this quarter.

The X10 will be similarly sized to the previous model, with a 5.5″ FullHD (1920×1080) display and will make its appearance later this quarter with an Octa-Core Mediatek (MT6755V/C) processor clocked at 1.9GHz and 3GB of RAM. The phone will have 32GB of storage and should, like it’s predecessor, come with a microSD card slot to expand on-board storage.

The phone will get a decent camera spec bump with a 16.3MP rear camera and 7.9MP front-facing camera, an improvement over the 13MP/5MP camera setup on the One X9. No word on aperture for the camera, but it should hopefully improve on last years model .

The One X9 launched in Australia as a Vodafone exclusive last year, so it’s very possible we’ll see a return of the One X series this year. We’re going to see a few phones from HTC this year, with the upcoming January 12th launch unveiling the mysteriously code-named HTC Ocean Note that reportedly packs a high-end camera setup, and a third model (a HTC 11?) coming as well.

HTC hasn’t had the greatest of times of late, but their return to form with the HTC 10 last year spells good things for what’s to come in 2017.

Source: Venture Beat.
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I would hardly call the 10 “return to form”. It remains stubbornly over-priced, and is thoroughly outdone by the S7 in pretty much everything (OK build quality maybe not, but that’s subjective anyway)…