Having used Google Assistant via voice on both my Pixel XL and now my 2 Google Homes devices, one thing more than anything else drives me Bonkers, and that’s having to say “Ok Google” over and over and over and over again, especially when I’m having a “continuous conversation”. If a recent demo of Google Assistant on the NVIDIA Shield TV Gen 2 is any indication, that may be a thing of the past.

Android Police got a hands-on with the device and in the demo Google Assistant keeps listening for a few second following an answer, meaning if you want to continue to interact you can just keep talking, no “OK Google” just a smooth conversation. Having now seen this implementation it feels like this is just how is should have always been, however, I’ll give Google a mulligan on that, it is early days after all.

Check out the video below.

There’s no guarantee that Google will roll this out to Google Home and The Pixel, along with any other Google Assistant devices that come out, however, if Google is wanting to make a seamless experience across platforms they better not start fragmenting the interactions so early in the piece. It’s also not clear if this new function will work with NVIDIA’s upcoming Google assistant device the SPOT, on this we will have to wait and see.

Source: Android Police.
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David Hyman

It just needs to act like there is a followup question every time. It definitely does this for things like “set a timer” and the assistant then says “sure, how long?” and you can just say 5 min or whatever you need. If they took that same approach it would be this


I agree with the fragmentation prevention comment.


I would absolutely love, LOVE to see this come to the Pixel and other Android devices. Surely an inevitability but it can’t come soon enough.