At CES one of the new categories of smart appliance included fridges, some with screens and embedded OS’s but also some with a camera inside to show whats in your fridge. We’re all not inclined to buy a new fridge to get features like this, so UK-based company Smarter, makers of the wi-fi connected iKettle, have made FridgeCam a unit that can be quickly added to any fridge.

The idea is simple, the FridgeCam module can attach using a magnetic mount that faces the shelves in your fridge. Every time you close the door the FridgeCam snaps a shot and sends it to the Smarter Cloud which lets you, your partner or anyone with access see what’s in your fridge next time you go shopping.

FridgeCam isn’t just a camera, it’s also got built-in sensors to tell you if there’s temperature changes, like when someone leaves the door to the fridge open.

The Smarter App adds new functionality as well, with the ability to scan food as you put it in the fridge, letting you track what’s in there, and the expiry date on each item. No more finding that jar of olives that’s 3 years out of date when you need them. The app can also remind you when you need something based on your location, so next time you walk past the supermarket a notification will pop up automatically to remind you to get the milk.

A built-in food chef will also help you work out what’s for dinner based on what’s in your fridge – only have eggs, milk and cheese in there? It’s ommlettes or scrambled eggs for dinner, or you can check out what Smarter Chef has to say for some more culinary options.

The FridgeCam is up for pre-order now form the Smarter website for £99.99 and will ship from the UK in ‘Spring’ this year with an additional £20 delivery charge on top. Smarter is looking into local distribution channels here in Australia, but if you want to get one now, then it’s off to the website for now.

Source: Smarter.
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    Simply make a smartphone photo & Google will automatically send you a shopping link for the missing products.
    If the fridge is too full it will send a party invitation.

    Some Samsung fridges come with 3 cameras & touch screen.

    Just in case – manually turn off the light.

    Phill Edwards

    Oh but how??? Surely when the door closes the fridge light goes off and it’s too dark for a photo. Perhaps this finally proves what many have always suspected – that the fridge light never, in fact, goes off!


    How is it powered?
    gather it has a battery and that you pop it off its clip and charge it up.
    I had nightmares of USB cables being run inside a fridge

    Daniel Tyson

    Battery. It lasts about a month and then you recharge USB


    I’m still waiting for the day where we can get a pizza in the size of dollar coin, put it in the oven for 1 second and out comes a full large sized supreme ready to eat… 🙂

    Daniel Tyson

    Black and Decker were at CES, but showing off Drills and weren’t willing to comment on (Back to the) future releases 😉