LG has a lot riding on their next flagship phone with the G6 expected to be coming soon, now LG themselves have dropped the announcement date advising in a video that their next big phone launch is coming next month.

The video, called ‘Wish list for the ideal smartphone’, shows people listing off the features they would like to see included in their ideal smartphone. There’s a lot of good feature ideas in there which we’d all like to see including:

  • Big Screen – for multi-tasking
  • Bigger Screen
  • But not a big phone
  • Fit into my pocket
  • Comfortable to use and hold – can’t slip out of your hand while using it
  • One Hand Usability
  • Easy to text one handed
  • Waterproof
  • Capture it all at once
  • More Reliable – don’t want to keep paying to fix a cracked screen

The announcement of the G6 is expected to come at Mobile World Congress, but LG have not yet announced a press announcement for the biggest mobile trade show on the planet as yet. The Ausdroid team will be live on the ground for MWC however and will be keen to get eyes on with the latest and greatest from LG.

Source: LG YouTube.
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And I was hoping that “More Reliable” would mean “no bootloop”…


Find the bridge and get over it. That was two gens ago for some owners.


Too many Nexus 5X owners are experiencing it now. And while this phone is a year old, the bootloops usually occur after about a year of use.


“For some owners”….its effected the G3, G4, and G5 as well as V10…haven’t seen reports on V20 yet but I won’t be surprised if they surface too


G3, G5 is just the usual hardware failure you get when manufacturing 1,000’s of phones. Nothing new, all brands have warranty returns. The G4 is where the issue was predominant (Two gens ago)
My G4 on the other hand hasn’t had any problems except a warped battery.

Yianni soc

It’s one thing to have issues and returns. It’s a complete other thing how the company handles those issues.
I can say from experience, LG is the worst.
PSA to anyone who will listen, just stay away.

Allen Baranov

Is it possible to have a phone with an SDCard slot and removable battery that is also waterproof?

Removable battery has come in handy a couple of times but is not a deal breaker. SDcard is one of my more important features and I would take “water-resistant with SDCard” over “waterproof – can swim with your phone”.

But happy to have both.


Galaxy S5

David Anderton

Pretty much all the new Sony phones