The Google Now On Tap screenshot feature was a great idea, but with the transition to Google Assistant when the Pixel phones were released, it fell by the wayside. Now it appears that Google is bringing it back, with the option now available to Pixel owners.

The screenshot feature doesn’t appear to work on the default Android home screen, so you’ll need to have an app of some sort open before you can access it. Once you initiate assistant with an app open though you can tap the box at the bottom and use the Now on Tap feature to get information on what’s on the screen or take a screenshot. The resulting screenshot has no on-screen distractions like the status bar or navigation buttons, so it will emphasise a point or share information quite well.

The screenshot is active right now for Pixel owners, so if you find holding the power and volume down buttons a chore, or want a cleaner looking screenshot hit up the Google Assistant.

Via: Android Police.
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    Nizar Noor

    My Pixel still doesn’t have it.