Even though Nvidia don’t have plans to bring any of their SHIELD products to Australia there are many Australians who manage to get their hands on them. The original SHIELD Portable was a bit of a flop unfortunately which may be why Nvidia have taken a long time to bring a successor to the market. Now it seems there may well be one ready to go.

Some bright spark on the SHIELD subreddit found some interesting documents while trawling through the FCC website that are undoubtedly of a SHIELD Portable device. The device looks very similar to the original SHIELD Portable with the same controller and flip up display but has some more modern SHIELD styling to it. The display seems to be larger than the previous iteration of the SHIELD Portable and has capacitive buttons. It is once again not a small device measuring in at 107.5mm x 138.6mm and is 60.4mm thick. There is no information on the processor it contains but the size of it in the pictures leans towards it possibly being a Tegra K1 or the X1.

Unfortunately the documents are dated July 15, 2016 but some were published to the web yesterday. With such a delay it is possible that Nvidia have decided not to release the Shield Portable 2 and have cancelled it’s development. Considering it is such a niche product it is hard to see a market big enough for it to be a success for Nvidia. There is still hope for it but it does seem unlikely.

Anyone out there see a use for this? Or are you just happy to continue playing games on your phone?

Source: FCC.
Via: Android Police.
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I had the original and thought it was great. Just the screen could have been a smidge bigger.
But lack of use really made me sell it