The long awaited update to Nougat has begun for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, with users who participated in the Samsung beta program for the update reporting a 215MB update being received on their phones.

According to SamMobile, the update is only hitting beta users at the moment however all users will receive the update eventually. The Nougat update brings a host of new features that we’ve seen in previous leaks including a new user interface. The update includes the latest security patch (1st of January), but still remains at Android 7.0 instead of the more recent 7.1.1.

The update to Nougat is coming for the S7/S7 edge, however anyone with a carrier sourced phone here in Australia still has some time to wait. Vodafone is showing the most up to date information with their software update page listing the status of the update as ‘Issues found during testing, awaiting new software from Samsung’. Optus and Telstra don’t list the Nougat update as in testing at this stage, but will probably change in the next update.

If you’re wanting a taste of Nougat on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, then it will soon be here but you’ll just have to wait a little longer.

Source: SamMobile.
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    happened this AM for me upgrade is crap

    Paul Smedley

    XSA 7.0 is out now, updated my S7

    Paul Smedley

    1st Feb security patch level


    can we update nougat 7.1 in australia or do we have to wait for it to come up on our devices before we can access it.. My Carrier Telstra have never heard of it lolol which makes me laugh. What is it they said… i want it now

    Pete Lindley

    What about those on an XSA unbranded S7/S7E? Should hit those first right?


    Going on history from previous Samsung phones, the XSA release comes around the same time as the first carrier to release it (typically Vodafone).



    I cant say for certain what patch they are up to at this moment but the XSA usually has it weeks before especially if you look at the security patches.


    Agree with Will. I don’t recall any XSA update that didn’t correspond to one of the Telco versions. Even wroth an unbranded version we are still at the will of the big 3 and their “approval”.


    Also last year Optus got a week or two on Vodafone with the marshmallow update.