If December and January are anything besides the holiday season, it’s leak season. With CES now behind us, and Mobile World Congress just weeks away, the rumours ahead of likely phone releases are speeding up, and first-party leaks from phone manufacturers are part and parcel of the lead-up. Samsung have perhaps started a little early this year, ‘leaking’ what could be our first glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The two videos below from Samsung Display as mentioned seem to give us a first look at the Galaxy S8 and it’s a pretty good look. The first focusses on the display and the colour reproduction and battery saving qualities of the Super AMOLED displays used by Samsung.

The second is more a device marketing video that still has some focus on the qualities of the screen.

Did you notice they’re not “Edge” displays? Did you notice the absence of the hardware based home button? There are rumours that suggest the S8 will have a dual curved edge screen and the home button is gone. This could be a bit of a troll by Samsung, or it could be an indication of multiple variants of the device but as always – time will tell, and at the time of writing, we might have as little as six weeks to wait.

How much truth do you believe is in these videos?

Source: Samsung Display YouTube.
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Wondering about the S8 Pro rumours. Contact ends soon so I love to replace me Note 4 with something that has an S-pen.


It looks great, but I’ll continue to maintain that a bezzeless design will negatively impact usability.

Adam J

Two things about this video:
About time bSamsung ditched their backwards hardware buttons.
The way they present stats in the video by making it look like a lit-up projection on the table should be a new notification mechanism for phones. Just like some fancy dishwashers project onto the floor.


I have to say it looks gorgeous, but the LG G6 is looking equally good .. if not better.


Please let it be exactly that; big screen phone just like the Nexus 6 and no logo on the front.