As the march of Android Pay continues to move forward it seems Australia now has 45 financial institutions signed up to use the seamless and easy mobile payments solution: P&N Bank from the great Western Australia. If you’re a P&N Bank customer with either a Visa Credit or Visa Debit card you can now add your cards to the Android Pay app.

It’s a shame that many of the smaller banks and credit unions are able to work with Google to integrate with Android Pay yet the likes of some of the larger banks such as CommBank are simply stonewalling their customers. No longer can the large banks hide behind their ACCC action as they have officially dropped their case against Google to solely focus on Apple.

Could it be the larger banks are just anti competitive and anti consumer? Remember it’s easy to change banks these days, I did and I haven’t looked back. Either way, if you’re a P&N Bank customer you can download the Android Pay app below and start enjoying awesome mobile payments.

Google Wallet
Google Wallet
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google.
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    Happy CBA customer

    Agree with Allan. No need for CBA to join when their app does everything you could reasonably ask for.


    I’m glad you’re happy, if you had tried Android Pay I suggest you wouldn’t be.

    Cameron Jones

    I agree Android Pay is far superior over CBA’s Pay Wave

    Allan O'Rourke

    Glad you’re happy also, Happy CBA customer. But there’s always room for improvement with any technology. Even if it is liked by its users.

    Allan O'Rourke

    I’m concerned as to the tone of this article. CommBank supports Tap and Pay on Android phones through their own app, which is actually pretty good. So it’s not like they don’t have a solution for NFC payments on Android. I’m confused as to why they MUST use the Android Pay app and infrastructure as this article implies.

    Now, I’m no “MY BANK IS THE BEST BANK” kind of person. But this article screams of unnecessary bias. What the hell is going on?

    Paul Smedley

    I’ve used Commbank tap and pay and android pay. Android pay is much more reliable and easy to use.

    Android pay = wake screen, tap terminal.

    Commbank tap and pay = unlock phone, load tap and pay, enter pin, tap terminal.

    Whilst both do the same, one takes a second, the other it’s quicker to get the wallet out.

    Andrew Nielsen

    Have to agree here. I have used ANZ, NAB and CBA’s own apps with tap and pay. When I first got Android Pay working (was initially with ANZ, but have used it with an AMEX issued card and a macquarie bank card) it just worked. I was surprised at how far away from the terminal it worked, and almost instantly. By contrast, the bank apps just did not seem as responsive. I would have to hold the phone closer to the terminal and for longer for it to work. The phone would give an indication that the payment was complete… Read more »


    Hi Allan, Having used the CBA and ANZ payment app i can attest as others have it is no match for the easy of use of the Android Pay app. The tone you are detecting is brought on by the banks rhetoric. They are claiming in their ACCC filing they were protecting consumer interests, they then dropped Android Pay and Samsung Pay from their filing and yet many of the signatories to that action have not supported either, this is disingenuous. Westpac I may add has now added support so good job them. The banking industry has been robbing people… Read more »

    Allan O'Rourke

    Everything you just wrote above was a much better and less biased/emotion filled description of the problem. I’ll admit that I have issues with news articles that blur the lines between opinion pieces and actual news. The tone of this article blurred that line. So many web sites do that and it’s actually frustrating. Please don’t fall into the trap of following that stupid trend. On the topic of ease of use of just being able to ‘tap and go’ without having to unlock the screen, does no one else see that as a potential security risk? Is there an… Read more »


    Thanks Allan, I’ve found no such option, obviously the typical any transaction about $100 requires keypad authentication is in place, and the phone bleeps and displays a very noticeable UI when a payment is processed I’d guess that the number of times a device would be powered on and the owner is not aware of what is happening on the screen would be limited, but it is a risk but likely no more than any other sort of distance skimming. Sometimes when you’re writing you forget that people reading it haven’t read all of your coverage on a specific topic,… Read more »


    Before I like CBA because of its best technology but now I hate CBA and definitely will leave it. My next bank will chosen from the banks who support Android Pay.

    Brandon D'Souza

    Leaving CBA as well because of their stubborn refusal to adopt APay