Huawei had a huge year in 2016. Not only were their flagships (the P9 and Mate 8) amazing phones that sold well, but their mid-range devices helped Huawei have their best year ever. They are now looking to start 2017 off on the right foot and it is all beginning with the Mate 9.

Last year we did not see the Mate 8 until quite a few months AFTER it was released in other parts of the world. This year Huawei have a different tactic, and that is to release it worldwide within a few weeks of each other. Until now we have only heard unofficial word from Huawei regarding this. Now it is official with Huawei sending out a tweet confirming it will be arriving soon.

From all reviews I have seen and read the Mate 9 is a top notch device that is certainly one that deserves to be on your radar if you are in the market for a new phone. We have reached out to Huawei for more information regarding availability, price and date so stay tuned to Ausdroid as soon as we have it you will too! (Plus review unit inbound soon!! #putshandup )

Source: Huawei Twitter.
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Gizmodo reports a $999 price…too high IMO


I’ll be optimistic and hope that they don’t take as long as they did with the Mate 8. I basically gave up waiting for the phone and went for the Samsung GS7 Edge instead. If they launch, like, “now” I’m prepared to switch over straight away.


Interesting to see the price.