I, like a lot of you have a lot of cables floating around. Some come with those velcro tags which let you bundle the cables up, but as often as not they don’t come with anything. At CES I was introduced to Nite Ize Gear Tie Cordable range of twist ties for cables, and I`m now addicted.

The Nite Ize Gear Tie Cordable are re-usable 3″ twist ties for your cables which stay attached to the cable and keep everything all neat and tidy. The premise is simple, there’s an open loop end which you slip over the end of one of your cables, then it’s simply wind up the cable and use the Gear Tie to twist around and hold it in place.

It’s a little harder than that, with the loop not expanding much to ensure it doesn’t just slip off. The Gear Tie is made of a rubber material, and this combined with a smallish loop can make ‘slipping’ it over the end of one of your cables a little more difficult, but once it’s on, it stays on.

The ties themselves come in either staid black, or some pretty loud colour options like Blue, Green or Pink. I usually tend towards the classics, but found that the different colours allowed me to easily differentiate between cables with a little planning.

The pricing for the Nite Ize Gear Tie Cordable is a little more than your average velcro ties, and I prefer these as they don’t tend to slip off accidentally. Nite Ize only appears to sell from the US, but you can only order from their website but as you’d expect the shipping cost is pretty bad. You can however import through places like eBay which is a little better.

The Nite Ize cordable range is actually pretty diverse, ranging all the way up to sizes that let you add a twist tie for your garden hose or secure gear to your roof racks. I`m not quite up to securing gear to my roof racks yet, but these little re-usable twist ties are going on all my cables from now on.

Source: Nite Ize.
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    Just saw these at tech2go at Sydney Airport