While there’s a healthy bit of competition between the Korean giants LG and Samsung, one thing LG absolutely doesn’t want to compete on are phone failures, and in the wake of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failure and recall, LG are doing literally everything they can to ensure their next top-shelf phone is as safe as can be.

“We will significantly improve the safety and quality of our new flagship smartphones as more consumers seek safe smartphones,” Lee Seok-jong from LG Electronics’ mobile communication operation group said.

In order to safeguard their phones, LG is reportedly running extensive testing on its batteries to make sure they won’t overheat, expand, explode, or worse, hurt anyone. LG’s tests include exposing the batteries to heat 15% higher than standards require, amongst other torture tests like dropping from extreme heights and puncturing the battery cells.

The Korean Herald has reported LG representatives as stating the G6 will feature copper ‘heat pipes’ (which we’ve seen in other recent devices) to conduct as much heat away from the phone’s battery as possible. This is new ground for LG, though as noted, we have seen heat pipes in other devices, including phones from Sony’s Xperia Z5 range, and even Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 (though it didn’t help there).

This latest rumour is added to the rather short list of things we know or suspect about the upcoming LG G6, which now includes an 18:9 ratio QHD+ display, and physical appearance that looks something like the LG G5, but without the modularity / removable base.

It’s not long until MWC when we should hear all about LG’s next big announcement.

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Maybe they could have a closer look at their bootloop issues first!




you would hope that with actually moving internal components etc and giving more thought to internal placements they will finally get in there and fix the cause of the boot loop issue that has effected the G3,G4,G5,V10…perhaps they never bothered trying to fix it but now they have an excuse to do so since theyre in there anyway

John Bousattout

The constant failure is the ‘burning in’ of images on their screens. They really need to fix this issue in the next releases.


I thought that was mostly an AMOLED issue, not LCD?

John Bousattout

It’s an LG issue.
Unfortunately, the big price drops on their flagships keeps sucking me in. I must resist LG and grab myself a Sony or Pixel for the next phone.


True, its hard to resist a flagship for around $400 seeing as they drop so very quickly in price. I dont know anyone who would pay RRP at launch for an LG phone

John Bousattout

The OS itself (with its skin) is pretty good. I understand the hype and It’s justified – the phone is pretty powerful and doesn’t suffer from major lag spikes.
However, the issues that hinder it (are easily fixed if they opted to use different materials) are too prevalent.

It’s a ticking time bomb. One that i hope doesn’t go off until the new pixel is released. lol