Google’s Google app has been a great way for the company to push out updates and enhancements to their services without requiring OEMs update their hardware, very similar to the Google Play services but more specifically around Google Search. The latest update to the app is apparently bringing with it search query saving.

If you start a search and lose connection, or search with no selection the app will now save that “failed” search and complete it next time it’s got enough bandwidth to get the results automatically. These results are then saved and a notification pops up informing you your answers have arrived.

You can stack searches and the app will retrieve all of the results when back online and have them ready for you. Honestly, I think the use case for this is marginal but I can see a few instances when I want to search something when I have connectivity but may forget when that happens, eg on a flight. In those instances getting the results delivered when I get back online would be great.

What uses would you have for this? Let us know below.

Source: Google.