Google released their social media platform to great fanfare a while back now but it seems to be languishing well behind the behemoth that is Facebook. Many people do love Google+ saying that you need to use it properly to get the most out of it. Google have today released some hints for how to best accomplish this with some new updates to Google+.

After listening to feedback from users Google has added the ability to hide low quality comments such as spam. You can see them if you prefer through “See all comments” located in the menu for that post. This is great to weed out all the noise that often occurs in long threads.

Google have also adjusted Google+ to “make the best use of your screen size and show you less white space and more posts”. Alongside this they have introduced better zoom functionality on the web version for “images you are interested in”.

For those who ever used them, Google is bringing Events back. From the 24th of January you’ll be able to create and join events on Google+ web, one rider is that Google+ Events will not be available to GSuite users.

Lastly, Google is finally making the new Google+ interface the only option, announcing that from the 24th of January the classic (old) Google+ interface will be shutting down which is not a bad thing. Having used the new interface for quite a while now in my opinion it is much better than the old one.

This should improve it even more but Google are always looking for ways to improve so if you have ideas they encourage users to “send Feedback”.

Does anyone out there still use Google+? Remember we still have an Ausdroid Google+ community that everyone is welcome to come and join and share things or ask questions to us (or anyone else on there).

Source: Google Blog.
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it seem to be that you dont show th furious and angry user last night on luke profil
take a look to his 2 last update and you will get that new G+ is a total fail

G+ has no chance of doing either unless it redesigns a heck of a lot more than the stylesheets.


Just give up. Nobody cares about Google+ except for Google staff and a few tech nerds here and there.


I still use it. I find it to be a pretty solid way to find posts and content I’m interested in. Collections work really well. No one I know in real life even knows it exists. I actually like this about it since it adds nerdy vibe to it. Plus, it seems to be really strong with Android themes, icon packs, wallpapers, etc.

Max Luong

I still use it daily. It’s a pleasant experience for communities. It’s also one of the very, very few apps where the tablet interface is leaps and bounds above the phone/web interfaces.

Adding Events back is a Good Thing(TM).


Question is how many people actually actively use it?


I have had a Google+ account for many years, but after an initial flurry I’ve never done anything with it. I was already using both Facebook and Twitter, almost no one else I knew was using Google+, and managing a third social media platform just seemed like too much effort.

Darren Ferguson

Love the old interface that had hangouts. I’d visit for that and end up reading stuff on there.