The mobile tech world is starting to heat up ahead of MWC 2017, beginning in late February in Barcelona. We have seen rumours galore and now we see another press invite, this time from LG.

Released via LG’s social channel, LG have shown an invite to an event on February 26, at 12pm in Barcelona — the day before MWC begins (known affectionately as ‘press day’). After a relatively poor 2016, LG are looking to make a big splash with the G6 and have revealed a few details about it in the release — assuming this is what is being announced, which is a fair assumption.

As we saw rumoured recently LG are bringing an 18:9 ratio display to the G6 which will be combined with a “variety of comfort features to emphasize ratio” (via Google Translate). Their motto for this release is “See More, Play More”, all related around the display size. The new 18:9 display has a 1440 x 2880 pixel resolution (564 ppi) which should be great for media consumption.

A display such as this often creates a lot of heat so LG are also “applying heat pipes to new products to lower the heat”. They also emphasise that they are testing it at a high quality (higher than international standards) to improve consumer safety — likely related to the Note 7 fiasco.

LG will also be introducing their new artificial intelligence as well, just as many others are doing. It is tailored to the user based on how familiar they are with IT. With so many AI’s being released it makes you wonder where this is heading — can it get to where we expected when there are so many different types considering they get better the more people that use them?

One thing for sure, Chris will be at this pre-MWC announcement come hell or highwater (Ed: Yes he will!). After being very fond of both the G4 and G5 I can hear him salivating from here in Melbourne. Stay tuned to Ausdroid to get all the latest news from MWC plus hands on the devices as soon as they are available.

Source: LG.
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I was forced to give up on the G4, by LG… Never again


I guess when you’ve hit rock bottom, you need to hype up your product very early!


If you go, can you find out what versions (If any) can be rooted? I.E Europe only etc? Also, what is the maximum bit rate you can record video in?