Google’s enterprise app service G Suite has today added the Smarter Calendar function previously announced for their iOS and Android apps to their web interface.

For businesses looking to have an integrated system that’s also mobile, G Suite is a truly worthwhile investment – The integration and collaboration capabilities are as good as good as Enterprise level Outlook setups. The addition of suggested rooms based on two simple factors, Rooms in your organisation that are not booked out at the time of your meeting and rooms that you and/or your guest has used in the past makes finding and choosing a meeting location outright easy.

If you’re not able to meet with your colleague face to face, then you’re likely to be working via Teleconference which still requires scheduling for both parties. This is fine, but time zones in Australia during Daylight savings are horrid and make this difficult. G Suite web now has a “Find a time” tab that allows you to not only select a time to suit you but also know what the time is for your meeting attendees in their time zone.

The changes will be rolling out to G Suite users across the coming few weeks, so if you don’t see them yet just be patient – it’s coming!

What are the best features of G Suite that are benefiting (or could) your business?

Source: G Suite Blog.