Owners of a Huawei phone may or may not be pleased with a list of devices that’s just been leaked outlining Huawei’s Nougat roadmp for their current range of phones.

Huawei are the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world now but the concern for many consumers re Huawei (and on many other Chinese manufacturers) has been their ability and willingness to keep recent models updated. Huawei have started to realise the imprtance of this, especially with all the security updates being released by Google every month and have forged ahead with planned updates to many of their phones. The roadmap for release of these updates has been leaked today via Chinese social media site Weibo.

The main phones that affect us Aussies in the graphic above are the Mate 8 and the P9. Both have early January release dates for Android version Nougat release. Obviously the date has already passed but it means, especially considering that beta versions have been in the wild for a while now, that a release is imminent. Other devices listed are also receiving updates throughout the first half of the year. With the Nova listed we can only hope that the relatively new Nova Plus is not far behind.

Nougat brings with it a new and cleaner version of EMUI, EMUI 5.0 to the Huawei phones — time will tell if it is an improvement. Both are amazingly well built phones which the software lets down.

Do you have one of these phones and have you received the update yet?

Source: Weibo.
Via: Playful Droid.
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Still nothing for P9 or Huawei Watch W1, 2017 Q1 ends in two days.

Huawei in Australia @HuaweiMobileAu is either clueless or simply does not give a crap about updating their products, even with security updates.

Given we now know Huawei products are unlikely to be updated in Australia, a consumer would have to be nuts to buy any of Huawei’s 2017 range including the P10 and Mate 9.


Highly doubtful Huawei will pick up their game, their support for Australian sold products is almost useless. I have P9, M2 8″ and Huawei watch all bought from Vodafail so not only do I have to wait for Huawei to stop dicking around and release the updates, Vodafail has to prolong the agony by doing their totally bogus “testing” before the updates might eventually get released just as the products reach end of life.

Gregory Eden

So my MediaPad M2 which is less than a year old is stuck on Lollipop forever. Good one.

Gregory Eden

I went looking and found a beta Marshmallow ROM, and applied it via local update. My MediaPad M2-802L 8.0 is now on Android 6.0 with security patch level October 2016. It connects to my Global Gig 4G account and my WiFi at home. So far so good.


Was in the same boat, downloaded the same ROM I think and now have Android 6.0 on the M2. Pity there is no option for local upgrades for the P9 as I’m sure I could find a Nougat ROM for that somewhere.

Shane Riddell

I have a P9 with C636 firmware, still waiting for the update, even spoke with HiCare and their advice was to keep checking for the update they couldn’t give a timeline


Same here, P9 with C636, no sign of the upgrade


Same boat, bought the P9 and Watch bundle from Vodafail and best guess is just as Android 8 starts rolling out Nougat for P9 will make through Vodafail’s stalling program oops testing program. Who knows when Wear 2.0 will hit the Huawei Watch, never probably.