Google Photos has to be one of my favorite Google products, it works, it does magical things that delight users,. The app is regularly updated and improved and in the latest update it looks like Google is preparing to add the ability to edit meta data.

The feature update would bring feature parity between web and app image editing. Currently if you wanted to edit the date and time Meta data associated with an image you had to use the web interface. Now there looks to be evidence in the latest update that this will be coming to the Android App.

This is great for images that either don’t have date and time meta data, which means the upload date and time will be used, or for images scanned using the Google Photos team new Photoscan app, which is also an awesome app.

While not available yet, the evidence was found by Android Police in their teardown of the latest APK, the update may be coming to a Google Photos update some time soon, or may possibly be enabled by a server side update? Either way keep an eye out for a Google Photos update coming you way soon.

Google Photos
Google Photos
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What new feature do you want to see in Google Photos?

Source: Android Police.
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Lee Davis

It’s embarrassing how poor Google photos is with regards to photo management


It’s now November of 2017 and there is still no metadata editing in Photos for the Pixel. Meanwhile Samsung has had this ability for at least 4 years.


Been wanting this for a time so I can change the dates on photos I’ve scanned.