One of the hardest Android Wear watch to get a hold of is undoubtedly the premium TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch, which sells in only limited places. The watch has been successful enough that TAG is intending to release a successor in May, this time with NFC.

The head of LVMH Watches, and CEO of TAG Heuer, Jean-Claude Biver advised of the upcoming successor while also talking about details of the original TAG Heuer Connected smartwatch.

The original TAG Heuer Connected, a watch which retails at over $2,000 AUD, apparently sold better than projections, with TAG moving 56,000 units, more than twice the original estimates of 20,000. The excellent numbers have prompted TAG to release a successor for the Connected which will be released in May.

The new watch will again be powered by Intel processors and come with more size options including a smaller watch for Women and the Asian market, and larger options with more material and colour options. GPS. larger battery, ‘more powerful displays’, ‘better reception’ and of he mentioned payment options which puts NFC as a prime component in the new watch.

According to Biver, based on the numbers from the original Connected, they are looking to move around 150,000 units when they go on-sale in May.

Design for the watch will continue to be Swiss based, while the ‘Smarts’ will be developed in Silicon Valley where the company employs staff who work out of Intel’s Santa Clara based headquarters.

The original TAG Heuer Connected can only be purchased in Australia from limited retailers with Sydney based dealers, including the Airport Duty Free TAG stand, the only place we’ve found them in person. TAG may need to extend sales to more outlets around the country if this takes off.

Via: Droid-life.
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    Great result for Tag.
    Originally it felt like they were hedging their bets by allowing buyers of the original connected watch that after 18month-2 years they can get it converted to a traditional analogue Tag watch.
    “You know if this connected watch thing doesn’t catch on we have your back… for some $ of course”

    But great to see that sales have exceeded expectation.


    Looks like the lifecycle of smartwatch is even shorter than a phone. I would like to change a smartphone each year but not a watch.