Accessory manufacturer Ghostek seems to have given us yet another look at the upcoming LG G6, in the form of what looks like a very official render in one of their tough cases. Shown above, the case itself looks interesting, but it confirms much of what we’ve heard about the LG G6 itself, including the retention of the LG G5’s dual rear camera setup and rear fingerprint sensor. The top and bottom bezels of the phone itself look slightly smaller than they were last year too, and this makes sense – LG G6 is, from all reports, ditching last year’s troubled and unpopular modular system.

Others have commented that the phone looks incomplete; there’s no sign of front camera, light sensors, etc, but if we remember last year’s LG G5 well — and some of us do — those were not all that obvious on the front of the phone either. When you consider that this render shows a reflection of light at the top of the phone, it’s entirely possible these features are present in the 3D model used, but the light reflecting off the case screen makes them hard to see. Who knows.

Is this likely an official render? I’d say yes; we know that major manufacturers give renders, dimension and more to 3rd party accessory manufacturers ahead of launch so that they can get accessories on shelves as soon as possible, hopefully at the same time as the phone itself goes on sale. In years gone by, some of our best leaks of phones have come from case manufacturers, so there’s little surprise in it happening again this year.

If you’re interested in taking a closer look at Ghostek’s offering, the listing is still live on their website, and for more details on what’s inside the LG G6, and what we think is coming, check out our LG G6 rumour round-up.

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Major Sceptic

Looks a lot like the old g5 , hopefully LG will make a better job of the new one.
Typing this on my g5 , the g5 could have been up there with the S7 variants with a bit more polish in some areas.
Sadly the finished G5 product was a good couple pegs below the s7/edge .


Water proof and curved display?