After the disastrous aftermath of the Note 7 release, many considered the Note brand to be irrevocably tarnished, but Samsung has announced that they will be releasing a new Note branded phone after all – indeed, the Note 8 will be coming.

In an interview with CNet, Samsung’s mobile chief, D.J. Koh has told the outlet that he intends to rebuild the Note brand, saying

I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8

According to Koh, there are a lot of devoted users of the Note brand, and Samsung does not want to walk away from them. There’s good reason to be hopeful too, with Tim Baxter, president of Samsung US, advising that 10,000 people have already signed up to be notified about future Note handsets.

There’s a lot of risk with continuing the Note line, though it’s a finely balanced risk with many associating the Note brand with premium quality hardware, as well as the highly functional SPen that Samsung has associated with the Note. The announcement of the findings of their investigations into the Note 7 fiasco has gone a long way to show Samsung is owning the mistakes that were made, intending to move forward while also taking ownership of the issues.

Last year, if the Note 7 had not experienced the issues it did it was on track to be one of, if not the best Android handset released. If Samsung can move forward in a positive way with the Note 8 and recover the brand, then a lot of Note fans will be very happy.

Do you think Samsung can recover the Note brand?

Source: CNet.
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James Bravo

I’m looking forward to the note 8. Still have my note 5 as I wait 2 months after release of a new note due to typical bugs the first few weeks.

Mr blablabla

The only thing I am concerned about is will note 7 buyerst get to switch their s7’s for the note 8, cause I bought note 7 and ended up with less than what I had With note 7 (Meaning s7 (don’t like it ) .

Zul-Tan Jackson I

I hope they do cause I really dislike the Galaxy S7 Edge I have. There’s not a phone out there that matches the Note 7…

Josie Menefee

Yes I do believe that it would be a big come back. I’m a note user and would love to get my hands on the note 8.


Even though the Note exploding was a financial and consumer confidence disaster for Samsung. Their refund or purchase another Samsung device offer to compensate for the Note disaster should re-assure buyers of any Samsung product that they’ll be looked after if anything else goes wrong. I bought the original Note and the exploding Note 7 wouldn’t put me off buying the Note 8.

Phill Edwards

This is good news.


The great thing is there is now no release cycle so they can release it as soon as it’s ready I would assume?


That is good news but I’m guess we wont see the new Note officially announced until after July. I’m definately a Note fan and as I wasn’t directly involved in the Note 7 issues I still trust the brand.