Google Assistant has today gotten a lot smarter with the addition of two new partners. Today’s announcement sees the previously announced WeMo integration going live as well as the addition of new partner Honeywell.

Alongside WeMo support, Google has also announced that the range of Honeywell range of smart devices has also been added into the mix. Another exciting piece of news is the expansion of the home automation features of the Google Home to the Pixel, and potentially any other device that can run Google Assistant in the future. Once live you will be able to configure the home automation features of the Google Home to run via the Pixel without needing a Home to enable this setup.

We tried to get some of our WeMo devices connected to out Google Home, unfortunately, despite the devices now being in the list and the setup looking extremely straight forward the connection kept timing out. This could have been due to multiple factors and we’re working on determining what caused the issue and bringing them online!

We’ve become quite the fans of the Google Home/ Assistant here at Ausdroid, between our review and a couple of automation projects the utility of having a voice assistant in the house, especially one that can reach out and control physical things is nothing short of awesome.

With more first-party integrations going live for the Google Assistant and the Pixel about to be added as a configuration point for the home automation service we’re hopefully that Google could well “catch ground” to the undisputable market leader in this space the Alexa from Amazon. To be successful Google needs to keep announcing these integrations as well as release their 3rd part developer “Actions” soon.

Source: Google.