Since the worlds first feature length, The Story of the Kelly Gang, was first shot in Australia, we’ve been right up there in the world of cinema. A new service, called OzFlix, which will stream nothing but Australian movies is going to further the distribution of Aussie made movies launching their service tomorrow.

OzFlix will offer clients the option to rent and stream a movie on the web as well as on mobile apps for iOS and Android with Chromecast support built-in. OzFlix will offer 250 Australian films for rent as well as three free original shows when they launch fittingly on Australia Day.

The library of films is expected to grow with Ozflix offering 50% of each rental fee directly to the distributor or filmmaker, so expect to see a lot of content from independent film makers. They’re also hoping to have more mainstream content with a heap of big names from the film industry seeing the benefit of the service with Australia Director George Miller saying ‘This is basically an art gallery for Australian cinema’ and Actress Claudia Karvan saying ‘There’s a lot of jewels in the Australian catalogue that Ozflix can bring new life to’.

You can join up to Ozflix and pay $6.79 to stream a new release or $3.79 for all other films. OzFlix will also offer a curated ‘Bundle Of The Week’ with five films fitting a topic or theme included for $5.79. The bundle of the week will be showcased in a 20 minute long weekly show called @TheFlix hosted by radio host and film critic Thomas Cladwell and Film Critic Rochelle Siemienowicz.

There will also be a free one hour long feature called FAQ each month which will showcase celebrated Australian actors and directors and a three miinute teaser show that will introduce you to more videos on the service that could tempt you. There will also be more free shows coming down the track.

OzFlix will be launching tomorrow, to sign up to be notified you can head over to the OzFlix website.

Source: OzFlix.
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    Adam Smith

    It is a great platform for Australian movies in compare with Hollywood movies it is very tough competition but i appreciate you OzFLIX you are giving a very good deal for PPV best of luck.

    Zyraa Fashion

    Daniel Tyson you are giving nice entertainment services to people keep it up.


    Good luck, Oz Flix. Very, very, very tough competition.

    Michael Ginsburg

    Best of luck to them but seems to be too dear to me compared to Netflix.
    So basically it’s strictly a PPV service with no monthly fee kinda like Google Play movies?
    What is the rental period you get to watch the movie for?

    I think they should offer an ‘all you can eat’ monthly fee for those who want it like Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video


    To be honest a service so singularly focused as “Australian films” is never going to have a) the range and b) the amount of content updates that paying for a monthly-fee type service would have.

    I appreciate the PPV system they have gone with – not having looked into the details but I would imagine the rental terms are the same as the rentals iTunes, Google Play, Xbox Video etc. Anything less would be service suicide at this late stage.


    Yeah I am not sure how successful this really will be as historically Australians do not watch Australian films all that much. In theory it is a good way to get the back catalogue to be available to the general public but with so many other rental options I doubt many will look here for just Australian options very often.