OnePlus’ latest flagship phone, the OnePlus 3T has finally arrived in Australia, albeit through grey import via online reseller Kogan for $699.

The phone which is available in Gunmetal Grey packs a whopping 6GB of RAM and is paired with a QualcommSnapdragon 821 processor clocked at 2.35 GHz. The phone also offers 64GB of onboard storage, though unfortunately there’s no microSD card slot on the phone to expand if you need it. The phone packs a 5.5″ FullHD (1920×1080) display and comes with a decently sized 3,400mAh battery to keep you going all day.

OnePlus has done a decent job with the cameras on the phone, including a 16MP sensor on both the front and rear. OnePlus is aiming to do away with shaky cam on the phone with Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) 2.0 included on the cameras, which is augmented on the rear with Optical Image Stabilisation.

Running their own version of Android Nougat (Oxygen OS 3.5), they’ve added their own optimisations on top of the stock Android experience.

As far as Australian support for bands goes, the OnePlus 3T isn’t quite perfect, missing the all important Band 28 (700MHz) support for Optus and Telstra customers that allows for great coverage in buildings. It does cover the Band 3 (1800Mhz) network so 4G is available, it’s just not the optimal experience you’ll get with handsets designed for our market, though Vodafone customers have Band 5 (850MHz) support, so there’s that.

If you’re wanting a OnePlus 3T they’re ready to go for $699 from Kogan, though expect to pay an additional delivery fee of almost $23 on top. It’s over on Kogan now if you want to check it out.

Source: Kogan.
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    I really like this phone and want to buy it. I am currently with iiNet and will be using iiNet if I get this phone, will the phone work properly even without the band 28 or is it not worth me getting the phone.

    Thanks Sam


    What makes you think the phone will magically have band 28 once Kogan HK starts selling it?

    Stuie Bedubie

    Go kogans hey, thats an exhorbitant price, but this phone is well worth it. But hang on aussies, i had the oneplus one, and now im using the oneplus 3, its an amazingly good phone, classy and solid performance.
    heres the rub… I bought direct from oneplus via U.S. release. You pay with AU card no probs.. then i use mail forward service like borderlinx as my delivery adress, so add aprox $30 U.S. to the oneplus cost. Youll save around 200$ depending on fx at time.

    Major Sceptic

    I would happily have a one plus 3t , and indeed did look to buying one , but the lack of bands puts a major damper on owning one in Australia for me.

    Dean Rosolen

    But is Kogan still bundling malware on these?

    Benjamin Dobell

    Kogan never bundled malware. Their grey import partners did. If/when Kogan finds out they stop using the supplier and you can most certainly return your device.

    Of course, I understand the concern, but saying “Kogan” are bundling the malware themselves is a bit misleading. They don’t even have a software department (excluding their website developers).


    I got my OnePlus 3T A3003 from eGlobal. Found a valid coupon online. Ended up being $700.40 including express shipping. Arrived in 4 days.

    A worthy upgrade from my Nexus 5, I’m with Optus but the lack of band 28 doesn’t bother me because my Nexus 5 had even less.

    Paul Walker

    I did exactly the same. My tired N5 needed an update and the Pixel was overpriced. I’ve not noticed the lack of B28. I’m glad I purchased this over the Pixel.


    It’s an awesome phone, but it might be worth shopping around. It’s not the most competitive price. It was only $569 at DWI the other day when they had their 10% off sale.