Samsungs Galaxy Tab S3 tablet is still rumoured to launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in late February, and afterseeing the tablet pass by benchmarking site GFXBench, a new leak out of Korea confirms those details and also offers information on the price.

The new leak from Naver shows the Tab S3 will again be premium with a 9.6″ 2048×1536 resolution display powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4GB of RAM. The tablet will have a 12MP camera on the rear and 5MP front-facing camera for video conferencing. The previous leak from GFXBench also listed 32GB of storage.

The Naver leak has added that there will, like most of the Galaxy Tab S tablets released so far, come in both Wi-Fi and LTE models, though the release of an LTE model here in Australia may be limited.

Lastly, Naver has said that the tablet will launch sometime in March with a 700,000 won ($796.3480 AUD) price tag.

We’ll have Ausdroid staff on the ground at MWC, and with no Galaxy S8 being announced, you can bet they’ll be all over these new tablets if Samsung unleash them.

Source: Naver.
Via: SamMobile.
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I have the Surface 3 and the Tab S 10.5…since getting the “baby” surface (pity MS abandoned the 10-inch market), I think I’m done with Android tabs for good, unless MS Office on Android becomes better than windows, and that is absolutely not going to happen. Not to mention the pen is so much more versatile on windows… The real deal breaker is a lack of tablet optimised apps on Android…it seems the whole industry has more or less given up on tablets (Google’s half-hearted attitude to the Pixel C didn’t really inspire confidence)…With Windows tablets, I always treat them… Read more »


Note5 class internals and 4:3 ….. am keeping my 10.5 S

Nicolas Wingding Redfern

How much for a non-exploding version?


that would have been funny several months ago, you need some newer material.

Yianni soc

about 7 Notes.


Hi Guys, thought I’ll tip you off about Optus’ new wifi calling availability on the S7/Edge if you want to write an article about it. My wife and I tested it in areas of no reception and connected only to Woolies WiFi only and it works surprisingly well!

Daniel Tyson

Oops, my bad.. So you guys knew about that in 2015 and Im just finding out now. SMH