If you’ve been on the internet and had the same email for some time, odds are you’ve received an email with malicious attachments. Gmail have taken another step to minimise the threat of these and protect their users by blocking .js attachments before you can open them.

Blocking javascript attachments adds to the list of other blocked files such as .bat and .exe files both of which are usually picked up by Internet Security products these days which forced the bad guys to become more crafty with their attacks and for the Internet Novice who believes they are opening a bill from their power company this could gain them some traction.

The big danger in opening a javascript file on your PC vs one embedded in a webpage is that it will open locally which can give the script permission to run executables. This is one of the many reasons I choose to run my email out of Gmail as a default, they’re collectively watching my back and protecting me on the Internet.

Let us know if you’re happy with this step from Google or if you think they’re only protecting the uninitiated from themselves

Source: G Suite Updates.