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If you’re on a fairly regular pre-paid mobile plan and looking to switch, then Aldi is offering a pretty good deal for sale this Saturday as part of their ‘Special Buys’. The 1 year Super Pack is a 12 month plan which includes unlimited calls & SMS/MMS and 42GB data, all with a 365-day expiry.

The Super Pack is a good way to manage your mobile plan, it’s a flat $249 and you get pretty much everything you could need. The 42GB of data is pretty good, it works out around 3.5GB per month, but even if you use more data you can add data packs in 2GB increments for $15 each. There’s limits on the MMS, in that you can’t send video MMS, but that’s why you have data.

An ALDI Australia spokesperson said

ALDI’s 1 Year Super Pack will be another drawcard for people who are considering switching mobile providers, or for those keen to discover the benefits ALDImobile can bring to their wallets and their lifestyles. The idea of the 1 Year Super Pack is to give Australians the option to have their mobile phone cost sorted at the lowest price and forget about it for 365 days.

The AldiMobile network runs on the Telstra network and includes 3G/4G coverage, so it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll be able to get coverage, but you can always check the coverage map just to be sure.

To get in on the deal, head to your local Aldi store this weekend and grab a pack which includes a SIM card and a voucher to activate. To check out more, head to the AldiMobile website to check it out.

Source: AldiMobileAldi Special Buys.
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    Alan Jelly

    problem is the small amount of sim packs that ate available. I went to two stores on the 4th and they both had run out and Aldi does not provide contact info to check if other stores have any available. I called the customer hotline and went through all the number pressing without getting to speak to a person and then they disconnected me (Good on ya Aldi)


    Hmm seems good value if you’re willing to pay upfront, I just don’t like the idea of an annual data allowance. Call me cynical, but I reckon they’re hoping people burn through that data early and then be forced to purchase data packs in the last few months of the contract. Would much prefer it was locked at 3.5GB per month.

    That said, Android has monthly data limit settings, so I guess it’s manageable if you’re savvy.

    Iain Simmons

    Yeah I thought the same. I think it’s more for those wanting unlimited calls and a moderate data allowance that they will never come close to using (I’m almost always on WiFi). I have to check my current data usage, but I’m pretty sure it will work out cheaper than the Woolies mobile plan in on.