Wireless charging hasn’t taken off on the broader range of Android devices, but Samsung supports it and there’s still a wide range of older devices supporting Qi charging. Belkin has released their own wireless charging solution, the Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad and you can grab it now for $109.95.

The wireless charging pad offers faster charging than some older standard wired chargers, and the convenience of wireless charging can’t be beat especially when you’re in the office and just wanting a top up throughout the day. The Belkin charging pad works with all Qi certified devices like the latest Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series phones.

The embossed ring in the Boost Up shows you where the charging target is and an LED in the device tells you what the charging status is. a nice matte surface will grip your device so it won’t slide off while it’s charging and you shouldn’t need to remove a case as long as it’s under 3mm thick. You can also expect a cool charge with Belkin spruiking a ‘Fan-less heat-efficient design’.

The Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad is available now from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, The Good Guys and Myer across Australia and New Zealand, or you can check it out on the Belkin website.

Source: Belkin.
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    Yianni soc

    Interesting it doesn’t say what V / Amps it uses. I know the Samsung ones, and other third party ones like on the Ausdroid Shop (from $49.95) have 5V and a 9V system for quick charge.
    Basically means the quick charge Fast Charge will only work with a 9V charger and Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge. It won’t fast charge the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.
    Their website isn’t much help either. but is still compatible with any Qi device, just a much slower charge.


    Christ that’s a high price for a wireless charging pad. You could buy several generic or Samsung ones and just replace them if they explode.


    Why wouldn’t I just buy OEM for the same price or less?

    Daniel Tyson

    You can if you want, it’s personal preference.I like to walk into a retail store and buy my stuff. I’ve been stuffed around by some vendors overseas on warranty claims, here you’re covered by ACL, although some smaller vendors in Australia have tried to skirt this as well selling those OEM devices, it’s still sorted in the end, but frustrating. Either way, it’s your dollar, if you want to spend it on Belkin, good for you, it’s well made and easily available. If you want to spend it on lesser known or accessible brands, good for you too. It’s personal… Read more »


    Hey Daniel, I think you missed my point, you can buy original Samsung wireless charge pad for $90 from JB Hifi, like others here I was pointing out that this is expensive compared to alternatives that are not “lesser known brands”, and you can “walk in and buy” them too..


    This is called advertising