There are arguments for both sides but the reality is that social media is a wonderful thing. Sadly the dangers are often well publicised but to those not educated are far too prevalent for minors, but Lego have launched a social media app for under 13s called Lego Life.

The premise is pretty simple given its social media, but it is intended to be for a far younger demographic. The developers have included some cute emoji and games to not only get kids in, but keep them returning and interested. There are limits on interactions, kids can post pictures with lego in them and nothing else but only stickers, pre-written comments or the emoji supplied by Lego can be left on those pictures as comments.

For those of you keen to check it out (or get your kids on it) you’ll find that it’s region locked, so unless you have a US based Play account you can’t download it from the Play Store. This restriction suggests they’re trialling the concept on a limited server base and may expand the availability in the future.

Never fear – The APK is here. You didn’t think we’d tease you without options did you?

With the dangers of social media as prevalent as they are, how will you approach a “kids only” social media platform?

Source: Lego Website.