Mobile World Congress is shaping up to be LG’s year this year, with no competition for the launch of a flagship the G6 could take an early lead in the 2017 smartphone wars. We’ve seen renders of the G6 last week, but now a new series of photos shows a prototype in the flesh as it were.

The phone in the photos is definitely an LG phone and from the size it fits the rumoured specs which include a 5.7″, 1440 x 2880 resolution 18:9 aspect ratio display. The phone also shows the dual-camera setup and fingerprint on the rear, but as it’s a prototype there’s a quite starkly functional rough black plastic housing covering the rear that will obviously be replaced with something a little more user friendly for launch. The front shows a phone with shaved down bezels, at least on the sides, but it looks pretty good.

LG’s ‘Friends’ concept from the G5 seems well and truly gone from this prototype, an unfortunate end to what could have been a promising eco-system of modularity. Still, LG is moving on to what we hope is bigger and better things with the G6. LG has stuck with USB C on the G6 from the looks of this phone, so at least they’re keeping that up.

LG’s press event at Mobile World Congress is scheduled for midday in Barcelona on the 26th of February, which is around 10pm AEDT here in Australia. Chris will be getting hands on ASAP with the G6 at MWC so stay tuned for his impressions soon after the launch.